Advice 1: How to return the density of your hair

Healthy, beautiful and thick hairs some people get from nature, and others have to exert a lot of efforts in order to maintain the hair in good condition. The decrease in density of hair has many causes, both women and men, but this phenomenon can be fought with traditional methods. In this article we will discuss several ways to eventually return the hair density and health.
How to return the density of your hair
Often the hair is losing density due to disease, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and improper care, and harmful effects of the sun, wind, hot air, styling tools, and so on.
Revise your diet – make it more vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables. Make your diet varied and nutritious, eliminate from the diet of harmful products.
Make regular massage of the head and moistened RUB hair hard with a towel. If you do it daily, hair will grow faster and your hair will be thicker, as in the scalp will pour more blood.
Avoid using hair dryers, irons, tongs and curlers, and varnishes, mousses and styling gels. All these means thinner hair and make them weaker. Also avoid hair coloring and perms. Monthly visit a Barber to trim split ends.
Use folk remedies for the recovery of the hair. Prepare an infusion from a tablespoon of dry mother-and-stepmother, and dried nettle. Pour in a thermos the mixture of herbs 500 ml of boiling water and insist 2 hours. The cooled and filtered infusion rinse washed hair. Gently press them without washing the vegetable infusion, and dry naturally at room temperature.
Add in two tablespoons of vodka tablespoon of castor oil. Using the swab apply the composition to the hair roots and wrap your head with a package, and the top – with a towel. After an hour rinse composition. Repeat the procedure every week.
Useful for hair are aloe Vera and honey – mix a teaspoon of aloe juice, honey and castor oil and apply to hair roots. After 45 minutes, wash the head.
You can also make a mask of grated cucumber mixed with aloe leaf.

Advice 2 : How to raise hair, avoiding the curls and perms

Bulk natural hair makes you look younger, more beautiful and luxurious. Using mousse, a Hairdryer or fleece, you can get a luxurious mane of even fine hair without a Perm.
How to raise hair, avoiding the curls and perms

Mousse - the easiest way to lift hair at the roots

Perhaps the main assistant in obtaining hair is a special mousse to give hair volume without the frizz. In order to use it effectively, shampoo for hair volume if you such was not, use any other. If usually after washing your hair you apply balms or masks, apply them to the whole length of the hair without affecting the roots, then there were no problems with the lift.
Try to use shampoo without silicones, silicones aggravate the hair, smooth them, but be deprived of volume.

Dry hair, take a little mousse or foam for packing and apply on the hair roots immediately spread the strands so that the hair didn't stick, repeat the procedure until you process all the roots. Avoid very large servings of mousse or your hair will look unkempt. During application massage the head, trying to lift the hair with fingertips up. Now, directing the Hairdryer to the roots, lift the hair. Do not blow warm air along the direction of hair growth. Fix the result varnish.

Another very simple and fast way to do luxury mane - to apply mousse to wet hair to hold my head down and forward, a Hairdryer without a nozzle to dry the hair, whipping their fingers. The air should be warm and diffused, it will help to create the right amount of hair. This method is suitable for publication for a few hours, the longer the result rarely holds.

The easy option to get lush mane without frizz and iron - a large round brush nine inches in diameter when drying to lift the hair, deflecting them from the line of natural growth. It is advisable to apply the gel for styling on the roots. It is desirable to use the Hairdryer without attachments, since in this case the air flow should be unfocused.

The fleece is suitable for a long-term effect on hair

You can use the fleece for special occasions, but do not use this technique too often because it spoils the hair.
After using the techniques of brushing, be sure to perform remedial course of hair treatment, use masks and balms, otherwise the hair will exfoliate and break.

Separate a lock of hair in the area where you want to give volume to the hair, and comb with fine teeth often slide in from ends to roots a few times. Repeat this procedure with the other strands. Put as you need. To strengthen the result, use a strong nail fixation.
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