Often the hair is losing density due to disease, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and improper care, and harmful effects of the sun, wind, hot air, styling tools, and so on.
Revise your diet – make it more vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables. Make your diet varied and nutritious, eliminate from the diet of harmful products.
Make regular massage of the head and moistened RUB hair hard with a towel. If you do it daily, hair will grow faster and your hair will be thicker, as in the scalp will pour more blood.
Avoid using hair dryers, irons, tongs and curlers, and varnishes, mousses and styling gels. All these means thinner hair and make them weaker. Also avoid hair coloring and perms. Monthly visit a Barber to trim split ends.
Use folk remedies for the recovery of the hair. Prepare an infusion from a tablespoon of dry mother-and-stepmother, and dried nettle. Pour in a thermos the mixture of herbs 500 ml of boiling water and insist 2 hours. The cooled and filtered infusion rinse washed hair. Gently press them without washing the vegetable infusion, and dry naturally at room temperature.
Add in two tablespoons of vodka tablespoon of castor oil. Using the swab apply the composition to the hair roots and wrap your head with a package, and the top – with a towel. After an hour rinse composition. Repeat the procedure every week.
Useful for hair are aloe Vera and honey – mix a teaspoon of aloe juice, honey and castor oil and apply to hair roots. After 45 minutes, wash the head.
You can also make a mask of grated cucumber mixed with aloe leaf.