You will need
    • salt
    • boiling water
    • clean cold water
    • marinade
1. The first method is quite simple and fast. You need to clean the onion, finely chop or cut into half rings. Then pour the onions with hot water (boiling water) for 2-3 min. then it throws in a sieve and wash it a couple of times with cold water.
2. The second method of getting rid of bitterness is a little more complicated, but the result will exceed all expectations. Its essence lies in the fact that onions don't just get rid of the bitterness, but at the same time are not his, giving it a spicy flavor.
3. So for this we cut the peeled onion rings, pour over boiling water and pour the hot marinade. Capacity, which is the onion, cover and allow to stand for 1-1.5 hours.
4. To prepare the marinade, get rid of the bitter bow, you need the following ingredients: vinegar 3% (1 Cup), 0.5 St. spoon sugar, 0.5 teaspoon salt, 3 pieces of pepper, 0.5 St. tablespoons of vegetable oil. All of the above products combine and get the marinade.
5. Another way of deliverance from bitterness of onions: to slice the onion in any way (small rings), add to it salt 1-2 tablespoons and cover with cold water. After 10-15 minutes, the onions drain in a colander and rinse clean with cool water.
6. To get rid of the bitterness of fresh green onions, you can use the following method. Finely chop onions washed, slightly mash it using tolkushkoy or hands. Melt small amount of butter and pour over prepared onions. Then it can be rinsed with a small amount of warm water if you need to add it to salads. If green onions is planned to put into hot dishes (potatoes, soups, etc.), the bow can not be washed.