Advice 1: How to macerate onions

There are many recipes of how to macerate onions. The use of various related components allows to achieve a variety of shades of the onion flavor, but in most cases the soaking is intended to make this pungent vegetable is softer.
How to macerate onions
You will need
    • bow
    • knife for chopping
    • vinegar
    • lemon juice
    • cookware for soaking.
To determine whether you want the onions to soak, you can have shredder. The sweet varieties emit less sharp juice, and the salad can be used in pure form, cutting rings. When the onion is bitter, the easiest way to make it softer is to pour boiling water and leave it for a few seconds. Then bow the usual washed with cold water, lightly wrung out by hand. The taste of it remains the same, but the sharpness is greatly reduced.
Traditional and familiar product is an onion soaked in vinegar. To use for this table 9% vinegar, or Apple. To the onions evenly marinated, it is ground and pour the liquid so that it completely covered the onions. The time of soaking depends on the taste preferences, from one hour to a whole night. Usually, such long-term soaked onion with the meat for barbecue. The vinegar gives the onions a soft and slightly sour. If after this bow will be used for making salad, you can wash it out the excess vinegar water or put in its original form, but then retain the taste of vinegar.
The original taste of the soaked onions, for pickling which uses lemon juice. One medium onion is enough juice squeezed from half a lemon. To simplify the process of squeezing the juice, lemon pulp repeatedly punctured with a knife or fork, and then the juice can be obtained by simple compression of the fruit in the palm of your hand. The bones of a lemon removed, so as to subsequently separate them from the bow is not very convenient. Onion rings with a thickness of two to three millimeters, pour the lemon juice and evenly pomeshivayte. To use the bow for further preparation you can make in an hour.
Useful advice
Besides lemon juice and vinegar and soak the onions in dry white wine, in this case, the pickling time increases to several hours.

Advice 2: How to make a simple bow

The onion is not just an attribute of the past, often enough and now it is used in hunting, active recreation and, of course, in sports. If you have decided to feel "the spirit bow" and hear the whistle of the arrows, you need very little to start. And it is the desire and a small manual.
How to make a simple bow
Select the bow. The simplest models of the bow quite a lot, ranging from classic European to Japanese wide samples. Depending on your goals you can make easy, and maybe even a foldable bow that can disassemble and reassemble if needed in a matter of seconds or build a large hunting bow, can ever appease even the thick-skinned bear. If you want to do not only with weapons, how much a work of art and another original element of the decor, you will need less resources to find quality materials, but more on improving appearance.
Pick up the necessary material. Go shopping in the building and in the gun shop. Often it is in a gun store there is a possibility of ordering high-quality wood or the substrate to bow. In any case, finding the necessary materials in one place, visit necessarily the second. If the bow is only part of the interior, ivory, black and mahogany are perfect for the decoration of weapons of any size, and all these materials you will find in a regular hardware store.
Arrows are easier to buy, especially if you intend to hunt or just decided to shoot. In addition, they will be better made, it will be cheaper because to create them you will need sophisticated tools and skills.
Follow your actions. Wrong movement or extra pressure can break up the string, to bend or even break the bow. To avoid this, take the time to assemble and Refine the design.
Remember that you collect is not a toy, but a murder weapon. With good arrows you can penetrate the average thickness of the tree, which speaks about the huge damage you can inflict. Don't shoot in the woods, if you are not exactly sure that before you no one. Best find an empty field or a vacant lot.
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