So, you have decided in whatever was to get rid of illnesses or relationships with people who are unpleasant to you. Start to think of desires in the phase of the waning moon, which begins three days after the full moon. To attract the object of your dreams to your person should begin at the new moon, while doing several conditions.
First, we need to buy a meter of thin silver ribbon, second, to choose a tree under whose shade you perform this ritual, and, thirdly, at the time of the making of the desire and tie a ribbon around one of the branches at the same time quite freely and securely so that she couldn't fly. Then talk to the tree and thank him in advance
Human desires are inextricably linked with the elements – earth, water, fire and air. If your desires are fixed for stability, financial security, the attainment of wealth and abundance, career growth, prosperity and your family, contact the ground, the symbol of fertility.
The desire to write on a piece of paper then bury, as if to "put" a vending you plant. Do not try it after this dig.
In the house since the beginning of the full moon and as long as the moon begins to wane, the nightly light a green candle. At the moment of ignition of the candle repeat three times to make a wish.
Treatment to the water, symbolizing emotions, the smooth flow of life and human relationships, can be associated with healing ailments, emotional problems, relationships, fulfillment of a cherished dream.
The fulfillment of your desire will contribute to the pre-prepared crystal of the aquamarine or pearl. Place making – river Bank, lake or stream. You need to imagine the desire in the way of the flash and throw the crystal into the water. In the home with the beginning of the waning moon light the pale blue candle every night, three times while repeating her wish.