In order to desire fulfilled, it is important to make. Formulating, never use the particle "not". Don't say "don't want to be full", tell yourself "I Want to be slim and attractive".

Speaking desire, keep in mind all the little things. Destiny is a lady who has a great sense of humor and will not miss the opportunity to make fun of you. Don't say "Want to go on a cruise" or "I Want next year to drive a brand new BMW, after all, in your desired location you can get as a cleaner or a hired driver. Formulating desire, keep in mind all the way up to the sensations that you have is a dream come true, the smell of the new seats in the car and taste the salty spray of the waves.

Making a wish, you must firmly believe that it will come true. For reliability, you can think of ritual: for example, to carry in your pocket a coin as long as the dream doesn't come true, or not to leave home without a chain, which brings you happiness.

Often, visualize your desire. For example, imagine in all colors that you have already lost. You catch admiring glances of men on the streets, wearing tight pants, and they are you at the right time. Can dream up, how to improve your personal life after you lose weight.

Make a plan of execution of desires – so the fate will be easier to help you. Indicate what steps will you take in order to fulfill scheduled and how much time you need.

To figure out the perfect way of making desire, be guided by your zodiac sign and its element. If you're an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, is a fire element. At dusk, light a candle and write on a sheet of paper his dream. Periodically re-read written in the light of the same candle. After the conceived was executed, a note should be burned.

Fish, Crayfish and Scorpions chief assistant is water. You can make a wish on a river or lake looking into the water surface. Or write a wish on a piece of paper, make a boat and put it on the water.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo will help food and money. Zagadyvaya desire, eat a few grapes, or gummies. While the desire is not fulfilled, you should not lend.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius assistants will be clouds. Being in good company, raise your head up and make a wish. After that, it will surely come.