You will need
  • -nylon yarn;
  • -awl;
  • -metallic thread;
  • -tweezers and needle.
Use a strong and thick thread, fit the nylon. You will need an awl and loop. Make it yourself, it take elastic steel string with a diameter of 0.4 to 0.5 mm will be Enough, two inches of metallic yarn for making the loops. Heat the midpoint of the strings on the flame and then bend it in half.
Now prepare the handle loops, that would be convenient to pull the thread. Take a metal rod with a diameter of 8-10 mm and hold it in the middle of the ends of the strings. For this you will need screw M5 - M6. Pre-drill the hole for the thread. Now expand a little loop on the end to thread passed. Give the loop the shape of a small hook.
And directly on the seam. Soccer balls are composed of pentagonal patterns, which have ready-made holes for the thread. One side of the Pentagon is the single seam. To sew take about fifty centimeters of thread. Ball hemming inseam - threads should be inside.
First embroidered torn seams and make sure that they do not further diverge. The knot is usually located near a corner of a Pentagon. If he went - tie it. Repeat two or three times.
Now it's a hole, skip a loop. She needs to go through both holes sew pentagons.
The end of the thread insert in the loop, and push it through the holes. The ends of the strands should be equal. Then tie a double knot. Tie the knot so that he was inside the ball.
Then insert a loop right in the next two holes of the joint and pull one end of the thread from left to right. Drag one end of the thread and insert the eyelet into the two holes on the left seam, then pull the second end of the thread from right to left.
Then, repeat this process. When you get to the corner of the Pentagon tighten the thread by pulling on the ends, and tie a knot four times. If the threads will remain for the next stitch - continue. If not cut and start sewing again. The last do not tighten the suture, and the knot push the wooden match inside the ball.