Rate the range of pharmacy. Lift trade balances, verify the dates of receipt of the drugs, talk to pharmacists. Make a list of the drugs that are sold rarely – once in two or three months. If possible, exclude these drugs from the range – they reduce your profit, slowing the turnover of funds.
Take a look at pharmacy Windows eye of the buyer. Maybe he's just not able to see all of the boxes, mounted thereon and in search of the right refers to the pharmacist. In this case, it is recommended to change the gear. Do not expose everything – most notably space should take drugs that are most in demand. Some medications can be removed from Windows.
Organize pre-orders. There is no need to pre-purchase something that demanded only sporadically. However, if these drugs or cosmetics good income, to abandon them is also unwise. Conveyed to the buyer information about what all is needed it can be ordered by phone or in person. This will not only increase profit and reduce costs, but will also help to acquire repeat buyers.
Watch out for advertising. Vitamin supplements, runny nose, headaches and allergies, advertised on television, should be placed in the most prominent place. But as soon as the advertising campaign ends, the funds will have to change for others - those who are beginning to promote. Allow marketers of large pharmaceutical companies to increase your sales.
Buy more related tools. Make sure that your pharmacy always come not only sick but also healthy people. Become competitors nearby kiosks and supermarkets. Remember, goods purchased in the pharmacy, people tend to trust. Therefore, man showcases the details of daily demand – pads, condoms, hygiene products for kids, toothpaste, detergents, cosmetics.
Guide staff training. Explain to employees that the profit depends the prompt payment of their salaries and the size of the awards. Your people should not passively provide the buyer with a demand and to actively sell. Teach them unobtrusively advertise new products, offer analogs for the missing drugs and related tools. And be sure to encourage those who sell most successfully. Your employees must feel that not only increase your but also your own well-being.