Choose the tool for cleaning the bowl. One of the most effective cleaning agents (for reviews Housewives) is Domestos. But other tools do a good job with the microbes, so you can choose the tool that you used to enjoy.

Well as cleaning products you can use regular soda or white. The latter can be filled with boiling water (about 1 kettle) into the bowl and let stand until morning. The result will be great. Just remember to close the lid, otherwise you'll have a long time to erode the bad smell of white.
How to clean the toilet - Domestos
Be sure to stock up on rubber gloves. They should be long and strong to exclude the possibility of accidental contact of your hands with surface. Don't forget to buy and a sponge, preferably with an abrasive surface on one side.
How to clean the toilet bowl - rubber gloves
Ensure access of air and better ventilation of the bathroom, as the fumes given off cleaners, quite harmful to the body and have very unpleasant odors.
How to clean the toilet - propertyvalue
If you wish to conduct a General cleaning should be removed and cleaned separately the seat and lid. In most toilets the lid is removed after loosening the two mounting screws.
How to clean the toilet - remove the seat and lid
While cleaning pour detergent the entire inner surface of the toilet bowl, under the rim first, and then evenly down. Don't forget to fill and drain hole. But if the main problem lies in it, it is best to remove maximum water from it. This can be done using any small containers with excess water to collect cloth. Leave the toilet alone for 15 minutes, go right to breathe fresh air.
How to clean a toilet - pour a cleaning agent into the toilet
After 15 minutes, begin cleaning the inside walls with a sponge (wearing gloves before doing this). Pay attention to hard to reach places under the rim of the toilet and into the drain. As a rule, the basic dirt and germs are hiding there. So, RUB those places with the sponge carefully.
How to clean the toilet - clean sponge wall toilet
Drain the water from the toilet tank. During the discharge continue rubbing with a sponge the surface to remove the cleaning agent.
How to clean the toilet - pour water from the reservoir
Clean seat and toilet seat cover. Here the use of cleaning products is optional. And don't forget to restore the Shine on the tank and the outer wall of the bowl.
How to clean the toilet - clean the lid and seat
To preserve the purity and freshness at refreshing special stickers or tablets.
Clean regularly and your toilet will always look like new!
How to clean a toilet - use stickers or tablets