You will need
  • Photo editor “Photoshop”
  • The photo that you want to delete the label
Open the photo in Photoshop. This can be done through the "File" menu ("File", item "Open" ("Open"). Can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+O”.
Select the tool "Clone Stamp Tool" ("Stamp") in the palette "Tools" ("Tools"). This palette is by default in the left part of the window. Can use the hot key "S".
Indicate the source of cloning. Hover the cursor over the area of the photo, free of labels, but being by her side and hold keyboard button Alt-click with the left mouse button. The pointer changes to a circle with a crosshair.
Move the pointer to the part of the label that is closest to the previous source, cloning, releasing the “Alt” button. Click the left mouse button. Part of the inscription painted over. Try to paint the rest of the label, hold the left mouse button. The cross that appears next to the pointer, the cursor shows where the pictures are copied pixels that you close the inscription.
If the result looks unnatural, undo the last action using the palette of "History" ("History"). This palette is located in the middle right part of the window. Move the pointer to the action placed over the last and click the right mouse button.
Select a new clone source and paint over the rest of the inscription.
Save the photo. Use the command "Save" or "Save As" ("Save" or "Save as") the "File" menu ("File").