The first sign of the presence of psychic abilities is strange dreams. If you often have lucid and prophetic dreams, it means you have nascent psychic abilities and begins to open the third eye.
The events you've seen in lucid dreams a night, may be repeated in the afternoon. It is a form of prediction.
Not to forget the dream immediately after awakening relate yourself to it, and later record. Do this every day, and then reread the record.
Another sign of the presence of psychic abilities is to synchronize in life. Please note, there may be many of your thoughts and feelings begin to manifest in the space around you. This has the makings of psychic abilities. You can begin to attract events, which is constantly thinking. Perhaps not in your power to control these predictions.
Try to wish something good to a person who has problems. Often remember about your spell. Perhaps with your help he does things will get better, and you make sure their psychic abilities.
Try to discover your psychic ability with maps. Remove from the deck any card and not turning it, try to guess the color of the suit. If it turns out you do not need to stop, try to call the suit, and then the rank of the card.
Take an old family album and you will move the hands on photos of people. Try to understand, there is different feelings from the pictures and alive photos dead people. The differences can be varied: temperature, color, in front of the eyes can occur picture. If you think that the feeling is different, so test yourself - do the same with pictures of people you don't know.