A black eye is considered a strong, resilient with a fiery temperament. They are very loving and almost always reach their goal, because going to it through.
Violent and sensual in nature have brown-eyed people. Also they are smart, sociable, amorous, fickle, witty and selective abilities.
Hazel eyes go to the people, dreamy, impressionable, and inclined to seclusion. They all want to do it yourself and do not tolerate foreign interference in its Affairs.
The owners of blue eye – emotional, sensual and unpredictable romantic. They have a highly developed sense of justice, but at the same time arrogant and haughty.
People who was born with a very dark-blue eyes, extremely sentimental, capricious, unpredictable and persistent, have a lively imagination. And yet they are very vindictive and resentful.
Pale blue eyes are very deceiving - their owners are motivated and absolutely not sentimental. Inside of these individuals are often raging flurry of emotions and feelings that do not uglyadet for the meek blue eyes.
Gray-eyed people – smart, determined and inquisitive. Also gray eyes gives a lucky people – they are lucky always and everywhere. Holders of grey "mirrors of the soul" are often monogamous.
Dark grey eyes betray a brave, selfless, strong-willed people. In relationships they prefer loyalty and honesty. And they are usually jealous and stubborn, though carefully hide it.
Gray-green eyes hide a strong-willed personality. People think their hard, intractable, recalcitrant, which helps these people to achieve his goals.
Green-eyed people are distinguished by tenderness, sincerity, faithfulness and reliability. They have many different, and seemingly incompatible qualities: kindness and integrity, gentleness and hardness.
Rare tiger eye color goes to the people with the talent of reading other people's thoughts. They are creative, artistic and can be good friends, if you think exactly what you say.
People with gray-green-brown eyes are big skeptics. This often prevents them to make a certain decision and to stop rush. Can't stand alone.
In addition to the color of the iris in order to know the nature of man in the eyes, you need to pay attention to some other features. Eyed people usually have the desire for leadership, they are a courageous and sensual. People with small eyes – stubborn, surly, sullen and silent. When the eyes are on the same line is a good sign if they are beveled down, it means determination - men and imprudence in women. Swollen lower eyelid tells about the turbulent life and strong instincts. If swollen both eyelids – their owner is tired of life. Eyes without eyelashes mean stealth. In the old days owners of such eyes were considered servants of the devil.