First and foremost, when it comes to male figure, you need to remember about the combination of sports and the development of muscles with the right diet.
Distribute your daily diet to have enough protein and carbohydrates. Eat eggs, green vegetables, cereals. Try to avoid fats and fast food. Don't forget to include in the diet fish and chicken and cabbage and lots of green. The fish you can buy both fresh and canned, but be sure that the fish were less fat and more protein.
Daily eat low-fat dairy products – cheese, kefir, yogurt. Proteins contained in the curd, absorbed by the body long enough and contribute, through long-term assimilation, muscle growth during the night. A daily serving of easy low-fat cottage cheese will allow you to maintain power, to maintain a healthy state and feel healthy.
Join a gym, before the gym eat or drink something that contains enough protein and carbohydrates needed for exercise – for example, special energy drinks that are sold in the departments of sports nutrition.
As part of a diet and leading a sporty lifestyle, you gain the missing weight at the expense of the muscles and harmonize the body, not excess fat within four to five months.