Advice 1: How to make cedar oil

Cedar oil is a unique healing product and most environmentally friendly of all the vegetable oils. In nature he is not unparalleled. In taste, nutritional value, vitamin and mineral composition is superior to most products.
How to make cedar oil
Cedar oil contains 5 times more vitamin E than olive oil and is 3 times more than in coconut. Vitamin E, thanks to the antioxidant properties, reduces cholesterol in the body and prevents the formation of plaques.
The content of vitamin F in cedar oil is 3 times higher than its content in the drug based on fish oil, which is sold in pharmacies. Vitamins E and F increase the elasticity of blood vessels, normalize blood pressure and have anti-sclerotic effect.
This oil contains large amounts of linolenic and linoleic acids. They possess the activity of vitamin F is very important for the body as help to reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, burn saturated fats and help to get rid of excess weight. These acids are not synthesized in the body, so they must be present in the diet. Their deficiency leads to decrease in immunity, occurrence of respiratory, allergic and other diseases.
Cedar oil contains vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improve blood composition.
Daily consumption of cedar oil helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases - atherosclerosis, angina, varicose veins, anemia, heart attacks, strokes, etc.
Cedar oil treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, cholelithiasis.
It has healing and antibacterial properties and treats a variety of diseases and lesions of the skin – neurodermatitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers, frostbite, bedsores and more.
Vitamins a, D, E and B, included in its composition, it helps to fight with arthritis, rheumatism, gout and rickets.
Cedar oil treats diseases of the kidneys and bladder, respiratory system, hormone disruption and diabetes.
The cedar oil is successfully used in cosmetology. It cures dryness and flaky skin, hair loss. It can be used as the vehicle for tan, as it hydrates the skin and protects from UV rays.
Cedar oil increases male potency and cures some forms of infertility. It has a beneficial effect on the organism of pregnant and lactating women and stimulates the production of breast milk.
Treatment of gastrointestinal tractability 1 teaspoon of cedar oil in the morning half an hour before meals and in the evening two hours after the last meal. The course of treatment is 21 days. After 10 days you can repeat the course.
In diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, and respiratory diseases take 1 tbsp oil in the morning on an empty stomach. Also use cedar oil in the food, tucking them in salads.
Treatment allergic zabolevaniyami 1 teaspoon of oil 3 times a day before meals. If you have seasonal allergies, start a course in advance, to strengthen the body.
With frostbite and burns to lubricate the affected skin with butter oil and apply bandage.
For skin diseases, peeling and dryness in the morning on an empty stomach, take 1 teaspoon of oil and they lubricate the skin 2 times a day after showering.
Cedar oil is perfect for massage. It relieves fatigue, raises vitality and improves physical condition.

Advice 2 : How to apply cedar oil

Pine oil is obtained by cold pressing of fresh pine nuts. It is very useful, so widely used in cooking, folk medicine and cosmetology.
How to apply cedar oil
Cedar oil is a Golden yellow color with a fine walnut-wood aroma. This oil has a thick resinous consistency.

Useful properties of cedar oil

The biological value of cedar oil is defined by its rich compositions. Here there are minerals, amino acids, linoleic, oleic and linolenic fatty acids, vitamins E, A, b, F, and other active components. So, in cedar oil vitamin E, 5 times more than in olive oil. As you know, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant: this component neutralizes the occurring in the body oxidative processes that promotes the excretion of cholesterol and rejuvenation. Due to the fact that the composition of cedar oil contains vitamins of group b, the tool recommend to use to enhance brain activity and normalization of the nervous system. As concerns vitamin P (he is responsible for the renewal of skin cells, increasing lactation and health of epithelial tissue), the concentration in cedar oil is much higher than in fish oil.
The only contraindication is individual intolerance cedar oil.

To talk about the use of cedar oil can be infinite: it is used in the treatment of skin diseases and colds, strengthens the body, increases physical endurance and work capacity. In addition, this oil well proved itself at treatment of arthritis, gout, cystitis, articular rheumatism, and even blood disorders. Also cedar oil should be consumed early male pattern baldness, increased hair breakage and those people who live in regions with unfavorable ecological conditions. This tool is useful for a growing organism: the cedar oil has a beneficial effect on physical and mental development of children.

Features of the application of cedar oil in folk medicine

As a preventive measure oil pine nuts take 1 tsp twice or three times a day for half an hour before food for 40-60 days. Taking a spoonful of medicinal liquid in your mouth, it slowly resolves, like diluting and mixing thoroughly with saliva.
Cedar oil is recommended once a week apply to dry hair with split ends: as a result of such treatments, the hair will get luxurious Shine, become strong and healthy.

When ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers are recommended to take 1 teaspoon of cedar oil in the morning half an hour before meals and at night 2 hours before dinner. This treatment lasts 17-20 days. If necessary, after a ten-day break, the treatment continues.

To cure atherosclerosis, within a month it should take 30 drops of cedar oil once a day (before meals). After doing a two-week break and again continue the treatment to achieve the desired result.

It is believed that using cedar oil can cure allergic disease. It is recommended to use twice or three times a day for 1 tsp. But in case of seasonal Allergy (e.g., allergic reactions to pollen) to start receiving a remedy should be for the month before a possible relapse.

Also cedar oil will help cure skin diseases. The affected area of the face or body, smeared it with the medicine twice a day for a month. The desired result will come faster if the procedure is combined with the intake of oil inside (drink it in the morning and 1 tsp before meals). With neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases accompanied by itching, add cedar oil to the bath. The water temperature should be 1 ° C - 2 ° C less than body temperature (bath water take 10-13 drops of oil).

Cedar oil is effective in the treatment of burns and frostbite. On the affected area of the body impose a sterile gauze bandage soaked in a healing oil. Change of dressings is recommended once a day.
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