Remove the nuts and thoroughly dry them. To do this, use a special device - fortepiannoi column a Dutch oven or drum dryer. At home when processing small amounts of nuts, you can use a household dehydrator or oven. Drying the nuts adds flavor and makes them even tastier.
The cooled nuts are clean of debris, sift, to remove impurities. To remove the dry layer of the shell, you can put the nuts in a linen bag and shake for a while. Although many Housewives think this is unnecessary work, because the nuts still need to be cleaned.
In the production of nuts calibrated. They are divided into three types: small, medium and large. At the end of this "dirty" work nuts throw on graczewska or on the machines of the VCA-1. After this severe treatment of them is sifted by winnowing and clean thus the kernel from the shell and "shirts". At home before the release of the kernel from the shell, place the nuts for 10-15 minutes in hot water, then drain in a sieve. Lay already dried nuts on the table and go over them with a rolling pin several times.
The same procedure can be done slightly pre-fry the walnut.
Purified nuclei stir in the domestic press used for extracting the juice from the berries. Install the most power and turn on the machine. Do not expect that oil will run the river from a glass of large nuclei is slightly more than a teaspoon of raw sugar. Most often, the kernel has to run through the press twice or thrice. To use a manual juicer, though it is not very convenient (as the nozzle take the smallest sieve)
Collect the resulting product and allow it to settle. Ideally, the bottom of the tank you have to get muddy sediment, equal to ¼ of the oil.
Drain the oil, filter and sterilize water bath for 7-10 minutes.