You will need
  • text editor Microsoft Word 2007 or 2003.
Place the cursor in the position where you want to insert a new formula.
If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 click the Insert tab on the ribbon Microsoft Word 2007"ribbon" manufacturer called menu at the top of the editor window). The rightmost group of commands on this tab ("Characters") there is a button "Formula". You can enable the "formulas Designer", if you click the button. If to click a label placed at its right edge, then unfold a list with the relatively small selection of the preset formula. Sometimes it's easier to choose one from the formula list even if it does not fully coincide with that which you want to insert. In this case, the "equation Builder" is also included, but the formula is already populated with symbols and formatted in a specific way will not have to start from scratch.
Use templates, lists, special characters, samples of the formats in the menu Designer formulas to create new formulas or edit is selected in the list.
Add designed the formula to the collection, if it is assumed that in the future it will from time to time be reused. To do this, select the formula and again go to the Insert tab. On the button "Formula" open the drop-down list and select the bottom line - "Save selection to a collection of formulas".
If you are using Microsoft Word 2003 equation editor (Equation editor) should be installed before you start work with formulas - it is not installed together with a text editor. After installation for ease of use you need to create a menu link to it. To do this, open the menu section "tools" and select "setting". Go to the tab "Command" and click "Insert" in the Categories list. Opens the advanced window in the right pane, which it is necessary to find the "equation Editor" and drag and drop in the menu editor. The procedure of use of this component and its functionality is little different from Microsoft Word 2007.