If you use the document contains many mathematical formulas, where applicable extent, use the special app to MS Word, which is called Microsoft Equation. It is a formula editor that allows you to construct expressions of various complexity. You can start it by selecting in the menu "Insert" command. In the window that appears, select Microsoft Equation and click OK. You will see a field for entering expressions, and floating panel "Formula". To put the degree in the Word, enter the function and select panel group commands "Templates upper and lower case". Degree corresponds to the option "Superscript". Selecting it, enter the value of the degree in the corresponding field.
However, if your document consists mainly of text and to use formulas illogical, take the opportunity to put a degree in Word using special characters. To do this, click "Insert" select "Symbol...". You will see a new window with a set of different characters. Basically, select the desired symbol is the number of degrees and press the "Insert" button. The same action occurs when you double-click the mouse. The degree will be inserted at cursor location in the text. However, you may notice that the symbols for the degrees contain not all the possible numbers.
Therefore, in order to put the degree in the Wordcorresponding to any possible number, use the following procedure. Enter in a plain text format, the expression containing the degree. Scroll mouse degree. Go to menu "Format" - "Font...". In the appeared window in the field "Modifications" check the box next to "Superscript" and click OK. The selected expression will be raised, corresponding to visual representation of mathematical degree.