You will need
  • Driver Asio4all v2.
Download extra driver Asio4all v2 from the site and install it on your computer if you haven't done so already. Under "sounds, speech and audio devices" in control panel computer, select the tab "Speech" and change audio output device on your. Apply and save the changes and close the window using the button OK.
Go to application installed on your computer program Guitar Rig and go to the File menu and then to the setting called "audio + midi settings". For interface install acio for Sample rate – 44100, note that the lower this figure the faster the computer works, but it significantly deteriorates the sound quality. For Output Device select ASIO4ALL v2.
Click on the Acio config and immediately without changing any settings, go to controller Acio Buffer size. Set it to a value of 200. Apply the changes and close all Windows, then go to the health check program. If there are certain delays in the work, so you did the right thing.
Set the regulator a little less, such as 170, and check operation by applying changes. Do it until, until you find the correct working configuration for your PC with minimal delay.
If you have problems with setting the volume of inputs, change it to linear. Also try to maintain a computer configuration in accordance with the system requirements of the software. When using Guitar Rig on the operating system Windows Seven also frequently observed problems related to starting or working in it, in this case, use the compatibility mode for Windows XP from the context menu of the shortcut you start the program.