You will need
  • scientific calculator or computer
To calculate the cube root find a number that when raised to a third degree will be equal to this. That is, for example, if x is the original number, and the cubic root of this number, you must run the equation:Y3 = x
To find the cube root using the calculator, take a calculator and type on it the original number. Then, click on the exponentiation. Now enter the value of the exponent. In this case, he (theoretically) should be equal to 1/3. But, since the use of fractions, even on difficult engineering calculator, then type the rounded value of the number 1/3, that is: 0,33. Then click on the "=". The indicator of the calculator will appear the value. To get a more accurate value, not collect two triples, and more, for example, 0,333333333333.
To calculate the cube root on a computer, open the program "calculator". If no corresponding icon on the desktop, do the following:
- click "start";
- select the menu item "Run";
- enter in the window the string "calc".If that appears on the desktop calculator has the usual form (reminiscent of "accounting calculator"), you can put it into run mode engineer calculations. To do this, select "View" and select "Engineering".Now enter the number from which you want to extract the cube root. Then click on the calculator button "x^y". Next, enter the exponent, for example, of 0.33. For more accurate result, you can type a longer value of the exponent, for example, 0,333333333333. To get an accurate result, enter the exponent "1/3" in parentheses. That is, press the keys "(1/3)".
The calculation in Excel. Run the program, click "=" and choose "DEGREE". Then enter the number from which you want to remove the root of the third degree. Then, the following line appeared window enter the fraction "1/3" and click "OK".