You will need
  • -the tape;
  • -pants.
In different countries use a different designation system sizesreferred to in the pants. In any case, measure the waist, hips and length (growth). The second parameter is calculated as follows. Put the pants on a flat surface and measure the inseam distance from the bottom edge of the leg to the place where the separation of the Trouser leg. In the American system sizes waist size is indicated by letters W (from waist - waist). Growth is a letter L (the word length). All the parameters are calculated in inches. When translated to centimeters multiply each number by 2.54. W and L are typically specified in the brackets.
Clothes domestic production is marked with the numbers with step 2, i.e., 40, 42, 44, etc. Each of them corresponds to your waist and hips. Multiply the number by two and add 4 cm You will receive the lower face of the circumference of the hips. The top face 2-3 cm more. For example, a 40 size clothes correspond to thigh volume 84-86 cm, However other manufacturers may be slightly different magnitude, consider this.
To roughly compare the size of different systems, from the designation in the Russian system subtract 16. For example, if you wear size 40 pants, then try foreign clothes marked 24. A number of manufacturers released the pants with a label that indicates sizes for different countries.
European clothes are often marked not with numbers, and letters – from XS to XL. Approximately XS is a hip 85-88 cm (Russian size 40-42), S – 88-94 cm (42-44), M – 94-98 cm (44-46), L – 98-102 cm (46-48), XL – 102-104 cm (48-50).
Except for the pants length and width in the waist do not forget that each individual figure has its own characteristics. Pants can fit your size, but that's called "not sit". And folds or excessive crimping of the legs look less attractive. Therefore, if you decide to order the pants through a catalog or on the Internet, use the services of the company that you already wore.