To begin, decide what you will knit a washcloth. You can knit a bigger one with two handles for showers or small round dishes. For a dish sponge, you can use a tougher thread for shower head thread gently so the sponge does not scratch the skin.
Then proceed directly to binding. Take the thread, hook, and start to knit chain of air loops, or short-circuit its in a circle and vymazyvaja several rows of columns without nakida. Provatas thus three to four rows, begin to knit the fringe.
Pick up a ruler or a pen. Depending on what you choose will vary the length of the fringe. If you do it with a ruler, fringe get longer, with a ballpoint pen fringe is shorter.

Start to knit fringe on the reverse side. Put the string on the ruler, then provarite the column without nakida, so the loop will lock. So continue throughout the entire series. Once the series is completed, the following series proverite conventional columns without nakida.
If you want the fringe was not frequent between the fringe provarite several rows the usual viscous, then repeat with the line, and again tie fastening range.
Thus knit washcloth the desired length, then remove the fringe from the wrong side on the front, and Advaita handles on both sides. Cut the thread and tuck it inside. Washcloth ready!