You will need
  • Anvil, ferruginous sand (special black sand from the coast of Japan, which melted steel), hammer, foundry, charcoal, horn, powder Sandstone, water, clay, rice straw, as well as grinding and polishing tools for processing steel. If all you could find, then proceed to the manufacture of the sword.
Immerse the charcoal, light it, place the sand in a foundry and at a temperature of 1500 degrees, to melt, approximately four kilograms of steel. Divide the resulting metal on the low - and high-carbon steel. Mild steel – grey-black. Put on the bottom horn small and large pieces of charcoal, then ignite. Then place it into the horn high carbon steel and also sprinkle a bit of charcoal.
After that, spread on the bottom of the furnace ash from rice straw and pre-crushed charcoal, put a layer of high-carbon steel and pour it all in charcoal. Then begin to quickly pump the bellows until the forge won't be alone steel. Carefully remove the pieces of steel and start forging them from flat sheets. Keep the thickness they were no more than five millimeters. Divide steel into high – and low-carbon.
Pieces of high carbon steel put onto the steel billet with the handle, wrap in paper and apply the clay. Then, put it all into the horn and fill with charcoal. Warm about a half hour before the appearance of white color. The resulting block, remove, put on the anvil and hit several times with a hammer. Then again put into the furnace, well rascality and again hit a few times with a hammer. Repeat this procedure five or six times.
You get steel, which is called "cavagna". Take a mild steel that you have set aside, make of her bar by forging, and then turn and procuste it another 9-10 times. Now you got steel, singana".
The next step will be blank for the blade. Split the bar and forge from it a rectangular plate. Stretching the plate perpendicular to the length, you will give the blade the desired shape. Treat, file the shank of the blade. The process of making the katana, done in the following way. From a couple of sticks of wood to make the handle, you first wrap the skin, then a cord of cotton.
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