You will need
  • Polypropylene yarn assorted colors, 5 spokes.
Before knitting washcloth knitting to work you need to buy special thread. This is a somewhat unusual synthetic yarn made from polypropylene. And you can find it not in the departments for knitting, but rather in hardware stores, as its main purpose is the role of an ordinary rope (for tying plants, product packaging, etc.). And polypropylene yarn are not only white. Their color range is quite wide, and therefore the product can get very colorful in consideration of the color preferences.
Before knitting washcloths made of polypropylene should practice first on a normal thread. The more that have to apply not only the traditional skills vyvazhivanija the front loops, but the ability to work with extended loops. For vyvazhivanija elongated loop in the sample recruited 10-12 loops are finished their front. The reverse side of the fit according to the pattern that is the reverse loops. Starting a new series that are finished one loop face (this is a free thread at work), finger of the left hand (thumb or forefinger) pull the loop and move and leave her before work, and again vivasyan loop front. Then repeat the pattern until the end of the loop. Next row knit in pattern, but without long loops for fastening.
To knit washcloth knitting requires 5 spokes (like socks). Recruited 32 loops (8 on each needle), though it may be a different number depending on the width of the washcloth. First 3-4 rows of knit facial loops. Then go to the pattern, alternating rows of elongated loops with rows of front loops.
To washcloth was colorful through every 5-7 rows to change the color of thread. Length each defines for himself: one like the wool is long and narrow, others prefer short and wide. Completed work as well as it starts - knitting 3-4 rows of front loops.
Get fluffy shaggy pipe, which serves as the basis washcloths. Rope for her, you can knit knitting garter viscous. This gain 3-5 loops from the edge of the washcloth, knit a rope of desired length and secured to the other end. Then do the same on the other side of the washcloth. It is possible to simplify a job and as ropes to sew colored tape that will serve as an additional decoration.
If the sponge fit for a child, then the thread can take more soft, for example, cotton. In addition, such a sponge, you can decorate knitted face favorite animal, for example, Bunny or bear.