From the first day in a new place of residence, begin to teach volnistye to your presence. Approach his cage and talk to them. The bird house is placed at the level of your eyes and the bird will be calmer, and you prefer. At first the parrot will be scared of you, and this is quite natural. He will get used to the sounds of your home, the mode of life of its inhabitants. Don't be surprised if later you find that every member of the family your pet is-different – these birds are able to have an opinion.
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When the parrots stop your fear, begin to teach him not to be afraid of your hands - give him a treat through the bars of the cage. Do it better in the morning when he was not opposed to Breakfast. Maybe not immediately, but the bird still dare to take charge. Then start periodically to do in his cage some manipulation with objects – correct mirror, secure the ladder, etc. If your feathered friend has ceased to shy away from your hand, put a handful of the treat and encourage him. Keep your hand on such a distance that he could not get the contents of her hands from a pole – let them try to jump on it, or at least to stand one foot.
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Do not expect quick results. The process of taming a budgie takes up to two months, don't rush and neglect some of its stages – so you risk to go back to the beginning. And the second time to win his trust will be much harder. When volnisty will start with no fear sit on your hand inside the cage, take him out of it. The process of domestication on the loose, so to speak on an equal footing, will move much faster. Just do not forget about the rules of safe Hiking – remove anything that can harm your pet, and be sure to return it to the Lodge in the evening for his own safety.
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And finally, a few more tips. If you want to fully manual pet – it needs to take to yourself more young. Older birds are tamed considerably worse. Be patient. If you are in the mood – better not to come to the cage. Sharpness you can nullify all of your previous efforts. Think of the wavy parrot like a little girl, but personality, and he will tell you the same, distinguishing it from all.
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