Males learn quicker females, although the latter clearly pronounce the words. Parrot says only under the condition of solitary confinement.
неразлучники разговаривают видео
The young are more capable of learning, so you need to buy a budgie under the age of 40 days. To understand that, male or female, can be pronounced differences. In young females the cere is white and bluish around the nostrils and a bright border. In males it is painted in pink color.
попугаи линяют
Young parrots need to establish strong friendly relations. Since parrots are sociable birds, to be alone for a long time and strive to find a friend. Pet accustom to take food from the hand, to sit on the arm or shoulder. Often talking, scratching around the ear hole. The main thing is to observe patience, if the bird stubbornly unwilling to learn, then you can't fall and shouting at her.
как научить разговаривать пару волнистых попугаев
When wavy parrot will absolutely get used to it, he was beginning to say simple words. It can be a nickname or greeting. Download parrot information is not necessary, let it first learn no more than two words. It is better to start teaching the parrot in the morning before giving feed. Can I give him to listen to the recorded sound, but no longer than 40 minutes per session.
After constant training budgie utter his first word. In sound it is not quite clear, but over time the pronunciation will improve. Now you can teach the parrot and other words, phrases, and even song. Particularly well characterized parrots rhyme.
волнистый попугай садится на руку только когда голоден