You will need
  • - The ball ping-pong table;
  • - the mirror;
  • - bell;
  • - wooden objects (e.g., pencils);
  • - children's designer;
  • - a thread;
  • - a piece of paper;
  • rope;
  • - the plastic ring.
Teach the parrot as simple as playing with a ball for ping-pong. Put the parrot on the table or on the floor. Push the ball in his direction . Of course, the parrot did not immediately realize what is required of him. Push the ball instead, and then again in his direction. Sooner or later the bird will understand this game and will roll a ball with its beak.
как игрыть с папугаем
Tie a string to a piece of paper. Put the parrot on the table, wait until he tries to grab his beak a piece of paper, and open a thread. Parrot will run after her.
как защитить попугая от кошки
Put on the table collected from children's designer toy. Sit next to her or on her parrot. Get their attention by starting to disassemble the toy. Parrot is interested in the process and will actively help.
о попугаях, как назвать питомца
Complicate this game. For this you will need a small box. Start folding designer items from parse with parrot toys from the table in the box. After observing you, the bird will repeat your actions. Having learned this, in the future, a parrot needs when dealing with the toy not to throw items on the table, and immediately carry them to the box.
In the cage the parrot will self-play toys that you offer him. Place in the cage a bell, mirror. Shiny things will be of interest to the parrot. Put in a wooden cage items: pencils, an old coil from under the thread for grinding of the beak. The bird will quickly know what to do with them.
как сделать игрушку для кошки своими руками
Attach to the top of the cell a rope with several nodes located at some distance from each other. So the parrot is interested in it, hide treats (sunflower seeds, nuts) to rope knots. The parrot will climb the rope first, in search of Goodies, and then just for fun.
Hang in the cage another rope tied to the ring. Put it on parrot and gently swing the rope. Parrot will love to swing, and in the future he will climb into the ring himself. If you don't have the right ring, make and hang in the cage swings out of rope and a pencil, and your parrot will be entertained yourself.