You will need
  • Tape, recorder.
A parrot can be taught to talk in the first four years of life. The most favorable period in this respect is the very first year. Memorized words and expressions bird will remember for a lifetime. Budgies are able to learn from a couple or three to hundreds and even thousands of words!
неразлучники разговаривают видео
Classes are taken regularly with a parrot, repeat a particular word or phrase for 10-15 minutes morning and evening. Preferably record it on tape and put the record on repeat. Note that a curious bird did not divert any extraneous noises. Words it is better to choose without voiced consonants. Parrots will best understand the deaf and hissing consonants. No wonder some of the the most common names parrots are Kesha, Gosha and Yasha. Start to teach him to say his name and then go on to other words.
попугаи линяют
In any case do not yell at the parrot! Do not make sudden movements and do not frighten him. Between you and your birds should be absolute trust. A parrot should not be afraid to sit on your shoulder or on your arm; friendship and trust is the key to successful learning.
как научить разговаривать пару волнистых попугаев
If your parrot has mastered certain words, but you don't want to stop there, you can start to teach him more "reasonable" speech. Most parrots repeat the words at random, as memorized song, "advanced" able to give the phrase, adequate to the situation. Show your feathered subjects relevant to your speech and take actions that match your words. For example, saying "go away", pointedly step away from the cage.
как научить говорить волнистого попугая
In the classroom get out of the cage a mirror. Parrots do not recognize themselves in the reflection, so it is important to during lessons, "the other" he was not distracted.
как научить попугая садится на руку