Advice 1: How to eat snails

Snail – it's pretty exotic to domestic latitudes product, whereas in some European countries, they are widely used with aromatic oil, herbs, white bread and hot sauce. To learn the correct way to eat snails, you need to learn the simple etiquette of their use, and at the same time to read the rules of submission of this dish.
How to eat snails

Edible snail

There are approximately one hundred varieties of snails are edible, but most often they can be found in Mediterranean or French regions, where lives and most edible shellfish. The most popular in use is the Burgundy snail, which was first eaten by the ancient Romans and Greeks. The clams with a cream or light-brown shell up to 10 inches in length and is bred not only in Europe but in the United States. The Burgundy snail is almost extinct in the wild, so the Europeans made it to the list of protected species.

Culinary rival Burgundy snail is a snail Turkish – annually it imports more than 600 tons. The variety of edible snails can be found in the South of Russia, by identifying a brown shell with longitudinal stripes of cream color and 2 inches in height. However, even when these snails cannot be eaten without preparation – namely, a two-week feeding of corn flour, which derives from snails all the harmful substances.

Cooking and eating

Snails are usually served baked or boiled – before cooking they are washed and then boiled in several liters of boiling water for 5 minutes. Then the meat is extracted from shells of mucus is washed in vinegar and water, again boiled with salt, pepper and herbs, after which it can be served with salads, risotto, pasta and zhuleny.

When roasting snails in their shells coated with a mixture of minced garlic, shallots, parsley, lemon juice, melted butter and salt, put in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then baked. One of the most popular restaurant dishes is a tender snail meat, baked in puff pastry baskets and poured with sauce made of Parmesan, spinach and heavy cream.

According to the etiquette of eating snails, they're served with special tongs (tweezers escargots) and thin narrow fork with two prongs and a long handle. Slippery and hot fix snail tongs, remove the meat from the shells with a fork and dip it in the sauce. Then a piece of meat to eat with a piece of baguette and washed down with good white wine. In the absence of escargotel tweezers can wrap the hand towel, take it the snail and gently remove the meat. If snail meat is served without the shells, it is used as a standard, using a conventional fork and table knife.

Advice 2: How to eat snails

Snails are one of the products considered in Russia very exotic, but in France they are often served as a snack with herbs and aromatic oils, hot sauces, or just with white bread. If you want to handle these mollusks, like a real Frenchman or a refined French, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for their use.
How to eat snails

How to eat snails

Snails eat boiled or baked, they are often non - meat ingredient in more complex dishes. Shellfish are washed before cooking, then boiled or baked. If you want to cook snails, bring a few liters of water to a boil, then put the snails and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes. Remove the meat from the shells, wash it in vinegar and then in water to remove mucus, and then cook together with herbs, salt and pepper. Snail meat is put into a risotto, salad greens, served with pasta, prepared from a zhuleny.

Restaurants often serve baked snails in shells. First, prepare a lot of minced shallots, garlic, softened butter, lemon juice, salt and chopped parsley. Washed and drained clams, cover with oil mixture and put in 20 minutes in the refrigerator and then baked. In very expensive restaurants prepare a more complex dish of snails - tender pieces of baked baskets of puff pastry with a sauce of heavy cream, spinach and Parmesan.

Serves as snails

Most often difficulties arise with the supply and consumption of snails in the shells. For them there is a special serving dish with small pits, allowing you to place them with the hole facing up so as not emerged juice. Since the French name of the edible snails - escargot, a dish such as a ceramic or cast iron cookware for baking, is also called escargots or escargotiere. Escargotiere only happens on an even number of molluscs - 6, 12 or 24.

According to etiquette, the snails are served with special tongs and small thin fork on a long handle with two prongs. As snail slippery and hot, they are holding a special nippers (also called escargots tweezers) until you take out the meat with a fork. Then slice dipped in sauce and eaten with a slice of baguette, washed down with white wine. If you do not have at hand crimper, etiquette allows you to take the snail in hand, wrapping it with a cloth, and remove the meat. If snails are served without a shell, their meat eating as anything else, Cutlery, knife and fork.

What kind of snails are suitable for power

Although there are about 100 varieties of edible snails, to find one in your garden will not be easy, unless you live somewhere in France or the Mediterranean region. It was there that prefers to dwell in most of these edible molluscs. One of the first snails that were eaten by the ancient Greeks and Romans is called Burgundy or in the memory of its glorious past, Roman. It reaches 10 inches in length, and different round body cream or light brown color. These snails are so popular that they are bred in Europe and also in USA and some Asian countries. In wild nature they are almost destroyed, so in most of the European countries are protected.

Gastronomy competitor of the Roman snail - a snail Turkish. Annual imports of these shellfish reaches 600 tons. These snails can be found in the South of Russia. They reach 2 inches in height and are of a brown shell with a creamy longitudinal stripes.

But even if you happen to find in your garden are edible snail, is it right impossible. Collected in the wild snails within two weeks should be fed with corn meal, waiting until them come out all harmful substances.
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