Use your name as a username is the easiest of the options. Usually username is your codename or contract number (or account) to the service that requires authorization. But if it is offered to come up with you, it all depends on your imagination. In such cases, the username is usually your public name in the system, so to use a real name, the most logical option. And can, for example, choose the name by which you would like to call it. Where else to take the opportunity to call yourself whatever you like, if not the Internet?
One of the ways to come up with a passwordthat you can remember without writing it anywhere - use any phrase or phrase. If it is unusual, then you will not be difficult to remember, and to make the phrase complete password, it is necessary to make a number changes. Firstly, it is necessary to remove the spaces because potential burglars of your password will not be able to break it down into words. Moreover, in some cases, the use of spaces in passwords are not allowed. Secondly, it is necessary to transform the phrase with no spaces in the set of letters of the English alphabet - the Cyrillic alphabet is also often prohibited for use in passwords. If you just translate the phrase in the transliteration, it will not be complex enough password. Better, for example, write this phrase in Russian, but switching the keyboard to English layout. For example, the phrase "hairy Moon" after both transformations will look like this djkjcfnfzKeyf. If you use a popular program to automatically switch the keyboard layout Punto Switcher, it is very easy to do - just select the phrase and press SHIFT + Pause.
Another way to create a complex password is to use any online generator. A lot of them online and use them is not difficult. For example, on the website just click "Create password!" and the script in your browser will generate ten options from which you can choose to use any. In addition, you can set the parameters of the generated passwords whether to include them in uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation. You can specify password length and to enumerate the letters of which the script will use to generate. Passwords of this kind not just to memorize, so it's best to store them on any media outside your computer. But hacking will be much harder.