Think of the billions of usernames of network users is difficult to choose a unique. Any mail server will definitely offer you a combination of surname, name and date of birth, or some faceless option. As a basis we can take your offer, but to Supplement it with something else. For example, the name of the husband (wife), the nickname of a beloved pet, or a book, etc.
It is best to complete the login the numbers, but they are in any case should not match the figures, say, future login. Digital combination should be easy to remember, which will subsequently allow to easily recover the password. Example: marina_oleg_2011, or oleg2011marina.
Password is more complicated. As practice shows, due to its simplicity or logical prochitannosti users lose their mailbox, valuable information, unpleasantly surprised to spam your own mailbox or even worse – loss of important financial or personal information. And the consequences will not keep itself waiting.
Therefore, the password should be as complex, consisting of at least 12 characters and includes letters uppercase and lowercase, and numbers. You should not use combinations that include the name, birthday, passport number, home address, etc. the more "complicated" it is, the better. Let it be a random set of numbers, but it will be an additional guarantee against hacking.