Use your real name as a nickname is one of the best options. As a rule, a login is a code word or the name of the account in the server. But if you want to write to you, it will depend on your imagination. In this case, the nickname is usually and your name in the system. Maybe you wish to take the username that you like more than others, for example, the names of the characters from your favorite movie.
Create complex password. You have to confuse potential attackers. However, many sites offer you to enter a security question, which helps to recover forgotten character set of the password. Do not neglect such opportunities.
Do not use in passwords all the known information, such as your date of birth, surname, nickname beloved Pets. That is, the password does not fit the information relating to your person. Avoid such words.
Use letters and numbers to the combination of numbers was not associated in meaning with the combination of letters. If you still chose the nickname of your dog as a password, are attributed to a part of the chosen words of some historical event, for example, the date of the establishment of Moscow. Very few people would guess to combine in the same passphrase as different areas of expertise.
Use any phrase or a few words that you can memorize and not record. If the phrase would be unusual, it will be easy to remember. Make her a full-fledged password. Remove the spaces, since in some cases apply them to pass a set of signs and symbols is not permitted. Thus transform these letters in the English alphabet because the symbols of the Russian language is often prohibited to use. Or write down the password, just by switching your keyboard to English layout.
Use some online generators. Using them is simple, and a lot of them on the Internet. Any of them will generate you multiple passwords. You should choose the most suitable option.