It would be nice to choose yourself the original login, which is not more than anybody, so you don't have to add in the end ridiculous the numbers to find the used username. But how to find a one and only loginif every time you check there is a feeling that millions of Internet users have proven to be smarter than you?
It's very simple! Dedicate enough time in choosing login – with it, you may have many years to go through virtual life, and how sad to do this with some Kiska1987 or Monster_777. Since the login requires Latin letters, browse the dictionary, looking up a foreign word with a value that would be suited to you. Not necessarily it should be a noun – adjective is perfect to create a login. Login also you can think of, writing the word in the Russian language, using only Latin letters. For example, "Kpoxa", "BepeTeHo", etc. Show imagination, and success will come to you!
Password is always harder – each site has its own requirements for number of characters, capitals and digits, which must consist of the password. You can take some average idea of what a good password should consist of alternating letters and numbers and some alphabetic characters must be capitalized. For example, try to come up with a passwordthat would remind you the number of your car (reminded, not copied!) and would look like this: X429km197RUS. If you have to change it, think in advance what you will add or remove from your password. And even better – prepare a few different passwords, and remember them.