You will need
  • - mascara
  • - paint for eyelashes and eyebrows, rich cream, cotton swabs
To change the color in two ways – to paint eyelashes mascara or resistant paint. We first consider staining the eye with a mascara.You first need to determine the color. Classic black color will suit almost all, although blondes can be recommended to use lighter paint brown or gray, make-up in this case will look more natural. However, to better focus on their own preferences and the image that you want to create.
How to paint. The most important thing is not to put the mirror straight ahead and not to look at him, eyes wide open, otherwise the eyelids will remain imprints of the lash. If the mirror is in front of you, slightly bend your head back so that his eyes were slightly covered, or put the mirror on the table.
First, paint the upper eyelashes, and then lower. Spend a brush with the mascara on the lashes slowly so that the mascara is evenly applied and the lashes do not stick together. The first movement, apply from the lash line to the tips, from the nose to the external corners of the eyes.
Let dry the first layer of mascara. If required, apply a second layer, carefully spreading mascara on the lashes. And finally, you can comb the lashes with a special brush.
Dyeing eyelashes the paint counter at times more convenient than everyday makeup. Dyeing eyelashes it is possible only in the absence of eye disease. In any case do not paint eyelashes with hair dye, she is more aggressive and the skin on the eyelids is much more tender scalp.
To dye eyelashes at home you will need paint, rich cream and cotton swabs. Staining often times in a month could trigger the loss of eyelashes and conjunctivitis.
Clean the eyelids with the cleanser to remove makeup. Without affecting the eyelash, apply the cream on the eyelids. Cotton swab gently apply the paint on eyelashes. The paint should not be held any longer than 15 minutes. Wash the paint with soap and water.