Lightening of eyebrows and eyelashes without special stains

The most common, but at the same time, the most dangerous form of lightening of the eyebrows and eyelashes is hydrogen peroxide. To do this procedure is necessary with the utmost caution. Please note that experts do not approve of this method, as girls use it mainly because of lack of time to visit the salon or trying to save money.
When lightening black eyebrows and eyelashes, the result may be unexpected. Very often, the hairs become yellow or red shade.

Before the bleaching must be carefully removed from the face of the whole makeup. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with a glass of warm boiled water. The solution was then apply to brows with a brush, and after ten minutes rinse thoroughly. Eyelashes in such a way to lighten it is not recommended that the peroxide can get into the eyes and cause severe irritation.

A more secure way to lighten eyebrows and eyelashes with the help of the infusion of chamomile, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice. The main drawback of this procedure – quite a long emergence of a desired outcome. Clarification occurs after several days or even weeks of using the infusion.

The advantages of inks for lightening eyelashes or eyebrows

All paints and pastes for lightening eyelashes or eyebrows to pass numerous testing. Such funds typically do not cause Allergy and are absolutely safe. For one procedure it is possible to carry out the discoloration on three tones.
After the tattoo eyebrows need to be lightened only in the cabin. Folk remedies or home bleaching in this case is contraindicated.

Before lightening your eyebrows and eyelashes need to degrease. For this purpose, special tools make-up removers that are easy to apply with a regular sponge. The eyelids and the area around the eyebrows is processed cream-based. This procedure is necessary to prevent getting paint on the skin. Discoloring of the eyelashes should be with extreme caution. Under the upper eyelid usually place a small pillow or pad, and paint is applied with gentle strokes of a brush.

It is important to remember that when discoloration of the eyelashes and eyebrows, the eyes cannot be opened in any case. Paint can get on the mucous membranes, causing not only discomfort, but also can be a cause seeking medical attention.

After staining the remains of the ink paste can be removed with cotton pads or sponge. Clarification time indicated by manufacturers on packaging or in special instructions.