Advice 1: How to round hips

Every woman dreams of beautiful lines of the hips and buttocks elastic. Diet help to achieve the result in weight reduction, but do not contribute to the strengthening of the muscles. To walk or run, nothing is "shaking" and your body look beautiful and fit, it is recommended to know and every day to perform simple exercises for the hips and buttocks.
How to round hips
You will need
  • - a gym Mat or just a blanket;
  • dumbbells or water bottles;
  • cuff-weighting (optional).
Leg swings. This exercise for gluteus Maximus. Get on all fours. Move your right leg bent at the knee, to the side, then put it back on the floor. Take her back and up again and return to starting position. Increase the pace. Do this exercise several times and repeat the same with left leg. For the first class of eight swings for each leg will be enough.
The rise of direct legs. The exercise aimed at strengthening inner thigh. Lie on your right side leaning on your elbow. The left leg bend at the knee and place the front right. Lift a straight right leg 30 times, then turn over to the other side and repeat the exercise for the left leg.
Let's build on the previous exercise. Lying on his side with his head resting on a straight arm or with his head in his hand, do leg swings.
Squats. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, hands put on the belt. Slowly squat without lifting feet from the floor. Ensure that the back remains straight and the shoulders pulled back. The pelvis also needs to be pushed back, like you're going to sit on an invisible chair. Take your time and do not sit too deep. Here can be useful to dumbbells. Hold it in your hands and squatting, straighten your hands with dumbbells in front of you.
Polymastic. Lie on floor, bend legs at knees and place approximately shoulder width apart. Lift your pelvis, lifting off from the floor the lower back and shoulders.
Swallow. Find support, grasp it with the left hand. Right foot slide back, put on the sock and slowly lift up to the height of the thigh, and then return to the starting position.
If you have not played sports, it is not necessary to train to exhaustion. Pause if necessary and increase the load gradually.
Useful advice
To complicate exercise and to make their implementation more effective, you can use special cuff-weights that are worn on the leg. Instead of dumbbells, you can use plastic bottles filled with water.

Advice 2: How to round buttocks

Despite the fact that the world's canons of beauty welcome slim figure, curvaceous buttocks never go out of fashion in the late 19th century. It was then that the ladies from high society have started to put under dress a special pillow, bring hips splendor. And after shape Jennifer Lopez pushed out of its anemic television colleagues, the question on how to round your buttocks, began to disturb many girls.
How to round buttocks
The splendor and suppleness of the hips is achieved by training the gluteal muscles. This can be achieved, providing motion at the hip joint. Therefore, the most appropriate exercises for training the glutes is squats. You can perform the exercise called bodybuilders "mounting rod". To perform spread your feet shoulder-width apart, hands together behind the head to the castle. When fitness level allows, in hand, you can take the weights in a dumbbell or neck of the bar. Take a deep squat, and then return to starting position. To achieve visible results you need to do 3 sets of 10 squats each. Interval exercise should not be longer than 5 minutes. You need to deal at least 3 times a week.
The same is essentially an exercise that gives less stress on the muscles and allows you to make the buttocks round, is to squat forward lunge on one leg. Keep the back straight, one foot step forward and perform a squat. After returning to the starting position, do a lunge with the other leg.
The most simple exercise that you can perform throughout the day at any place is the tension of the muscles of the thighs. In a state of stress they must withstand at least 10 seconds, then relax. The cycle consists of 40 exercises, running as often as is convenient and possible. Not less effectively exercise the buttocks while running and jumping rope. These activities contribute not only to bring the muscles in tone, but burning excess weight.
Useful advice
Wanting to achieve a good figure, you should not rely on magic diet that promises rounded buttocks just by refraining from certain foods. The extra weight from restricting calories leaves, but the muscles depends on the elasticity of the thigh, remain in the same listless state as before the weight loss. Therefore, here can only help exercise.

Advice 3: How to measure hips

The hips are best measured on fully naked body. It is desirable to remove the jeans, they can add a few inches, but nylon tights, on the contrary, decreased due to the fact that they have properties to adjust the shape. If you measure the hip in order to track the descending order of volumes in the result of weight loss, then it should be done not more often than once a week, otherwise you will not notice the result.
How to measure hips
To measure the volume of the thighs need the most protruding points of the buttocks. Stand, relax and place the measuring tape. Bow to so that the end of the tape was in the front. The tape needs to be pulled, but it should not SAG.
The volume of the legs (thighs) have to be measured with the help of a chair. Put your foot at an angle of 90 degrees in the chair. Attach the measuring tape at 5-7 cm from the groin. During measurement, the foot must be maximally relaxed.
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