The muscles of the buttocks perfectly amenable to training, you only need to have a clear plan of action. It is noteworthy that the principles of training these muscles is the same for both sexes. With the right approach the first results will be visible after 2-3 months.
Recommended exercises do 5 to 20 times in two-three approach. The load gradually increase, when the voltage do exhale to stabilize blood pressure. Training always start with a warm up and end with stretching.
The most simple but very effective exercises for shaping the buttocks is squats. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly squat. Keep the back flat, and in that moment when hips will be parallel to the floor, lock the case and gently lifting up. Repeat the exercise for 20 minutes and make at least 2-3 visits.
Then take a lying position, bend your legs and place them shoulder-width apart, resting the heels into the floor. Hands lie on the floor parallel to the body with palms facing up. Uprites hands on the floor and lift the pelvis until the body and hips will not appear on the same line. Get down on the floor and stay in the same position. Now again lift your pelvis and straighten your legs. The hips remain parallel to each other, the pelvis is fixed at the top.
Lie on your stomach, feet together, knees bent. Tighten buttock muscles and press and lift both knees off the floor a few inches. In the initial position, return very slowly. Don't move jerkily, otherwise you'll hurt your back.
Next, stand on all fours, rest on your forearms and knees. Raise the height of the pelvis bent leg. For weights you can put in the popliteal fossa a small dumbbell.
Adjust the shape of the buttocks will help the special underwear that will give this body part a rounded shape and lift the buttocks up. For example, the shorts with the effect of push-up, lift buttocks, by analogy with the bras. To give a chiseled shape to the buttocks use special panties with sewn tab that creates the effect of a mouth-watering fifth point. If you want to make the buttocks form, visually reducing them, will help slimming underwear or shapewear panties.
To change the shape of the buttocks can be surgically with the help of buttock augmentation plastic surgery of the buttocks. You can do liposuction of the buttocks to reduce their volume, or plastic endoprosthesis (implant suitable for the shape of the prosthesis in the buttocks). Note from of buttock augmentation there are contraindications be sure to consult a specialist before you make a decision.