The program of the concert, where it is one team, usually the head. His goal is to show the ensemble and soloists in the most favorable light. The task of the writer is to come up with an interesting move that would help to solve this problem. For example, you can invite the audience to travel the world, and will stop a dance or song is created in a specific country. You can imagine the era that show the musical instruments of that time and talk about them. The main thing – that the viewer or listener has developed a solid impression of the subject.
Place numbers in the desired order – for example, at the time of creation. Keep in mind a few points. If you'll be busy dancing by the same performers, they should be given the opportunity to relax and change. The same applies to other genres. For example, the singer can sing two or three songs, and then, after the speech of the instrumentalist, to return to the stage. The role of the leader in such concertx modest – he can tell about the era or country, and then basically declares a speaker. But in any case, in the script you must mark the change of lighting, relocate, soundtracks, etc.
Pretty big role of the writer in organizing the precast concertwhich actor Argo is often called the "stew." Such concerts are often confined to any common holidays, anniversaries, prom evenings. Determine the direction of the concert and its target audience. Prom night in school or University will be different from the anniversary of the company, which is expected presence of a large number of veterans. New year's concert should not be similar to the one that is held on the Day of independence, although some of the rooms and can be the same. Classical music, folk and ballroom dancing, can find place in any collective concert. With modern music genres, circus, performances need to be careful.
Think how much you will have offices. There's usually one or two. As a rule, the first is solemn and the second is more free form. For the official part will fit the choir, literature and musical composition, dramatization. Place numbers in a specific order, trying to alternate the genres. If the ceremonial part assumes the awards or congratulations, insert these episodes between the rooms.
A beautiful end of the concert is no less important than a good beginning. The viewer remembers it ending, and it represents the culmination. Often the last number performed by all the participants, and it is well-known, but a very good option. In any case, try to end the program with something spectacular.
Decide who will lead the program. It might just be leading or any of the characters. In the second case, specify what costumes and props you need. The words of the leader can be both in verse and in prose. Poems is better to pick a professional. If nothing on no, ordinary write competent prose text. Remember that good prose is better than bad poetry. If the program is character, the text must correspond to its character.
Spread pause. Specify what are the audience before the concert. They can, for example, to see the exhibition, participate in lottery and gaming programs. In the scenario note, who exactly is responsible for these points and any props needed. A pause can be in the program, especially if it is long. The audience at this time do not leave their places but they can play with any character, hold a contest of songs or rhymes, etc. In any case, such a pause should be interactive.