You will need
  • The list of creditors of the organization, envelopes, forms of notices, postage stamps.
Prepare the Protocol on the adoption of the company's shareholders (the sole founder of the company) of the decision on liquidation of the organization and formation of the liquidation Commission. Within three days from the date of the decision on liquidation, contact the registration authorities (tax office) at the place of residence with the appropriate application form. Attach to the application Protocol of the decision on liquidation of a legal entity.
Apply for the publication of information about the beginning of procedure of liquidation in the magazine "Bulletin of state registration". The published information must contain the following: full name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents, its location, the name of the authority that made the decision on liquidation, INN/KPP, OGRN dissolved company, the order and timing of claims by creditors, the method of communication with the liquidation Commission.
Notify creditors about the beginning of procedure of liquidation. The notification shall be on company letterhead and must contain the following: full name, OGRN, date of assignment of state registration number and date of its payment, the name and address of the authority who made the entry, INN, KPP, the location of the organization. Specify the number and date of minutes of General meeting of shareholders (decision of sole founder), in accordance with which the decision on liquidation of the organization. In addition, you must specify the address for a direction creditors of their claims, as well as the period during which they can do it. Keep in mind that, in accordance with the provisions of article 63 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation this period may not be less than two months from the date of publication of information on the forthcoming liquidation of the legal entity. The notice shall be signed by the Chairman of the liquidation Commission.
Ready send out notification to creditors by registered mail with delivery notification. Save the receipts. Exactly the receipt of the shipment and the forms of notifications about the delivery of registered mail will serve as proof of proper notification of creditors about the beginning of liquidation with subsequent treatment of the liquidation Commission to the court of Arbitration.