The outlets of clothing should be placed in places with good traffic, or in densely-populated residential area. In the outdoor area of the campus, the store can be profitable. Such points are commonly offered clothes for young people, and the welfare of its students is quite high. It is not necessary to open the drain on the main streets. There is a large number of the boutiques that sell their own residues. The shop area shall be not less than 50 square meters. The best would be a room with an area of 150 square meters.
The equipment must ensure the preservation of and free access to clothing. The safety will help to ensure the magnets attached to the product, and a control stand at the entrance. A small juice shop fully equip $1 thousand do Not forget that surplus store is primarily a store of cheap clothing. Therefore, the equipment must indicate the minimum mark-up things.
In the shop area of 50 - 150 square meters, usually about 400 units of various stock items. This stock of goods cost $2-4 thousand For women's and youth things usually account for 80 percent. The remaining 20 percent divided children's and men's clothing. The main product is seasonal clothing. Popular have off-season knitwear, jeans, men's shirts. In addition to the apparel offer shoes, interior accessories, lingerie, hats, etc.
One of the main conditions of success rate is a good stock of clothing. Wholesale company product sell quantities. Usually things are offered selectively. But you have to select not less than one hundred units. The price for each unit of one, while the goods are unequal. You can give 15 Euro for jeans and summer top. Putting the product in the store, you will redistribute the cost of the entire party. Some things will be sold at a premium of 800 per cent, and some at cost or at a loss. The basic rule - the sale of the entire party needs to offset the costs and generate income that can amount to 400 percent.
Stock in a small store can work two or three people or more. For the first time obligations of the seller-the cashier can take over, it will save a little on salary. For salaried employees there are several options of payment. Salary can be a fixed salary plus bonuses or a percentage of the sale. Also usually the purchase of goods in store discount.
When opening the shop stock of clothing is recommended to conduct a marketing campaign. For promotional purpose use: street-lines, scatter leaflets in the mailboxes, etc. Many people are deterred by the word "drain", so unobtrusively explain it. Position yourself as a store of European, fashionable and new clothes. This will help to get away from the perception of the shop as second-hand. That word should not even be mentioned.