You will need
  • changing table;
  • baby cream;
  • diaper;
Put on the changing table linen, it is needed to make the child comfortable and the table is not stained when applying the cream. Put the diaper. Ensure that the diaper was a picture on the front.
Expand the diaper, spread it on the table. You need to prepare the diaper to the baby was easy to put.
Put the baby on the table, ass in the diaper. Keep the diapers never crumpled, spread it under the back of the baby. In case you don't check, the baby can become uncomfortable and he will continue to act up.
Apply on the genitals and ass baby barrier cream. Promazyvaya protective cream all wrinkles, it will help to avoid rashes on the body of the child, respectively, and the comfort of the crumbs depends on the level of protection his skin.
Put the front of the diaper the baby on his tummy and fold the Velcro. Ensure that the clasp does not hurt and is not rubbed baby skin. Despite the fact that the baby moves all the time and stopping to do the right thing, try to slowly, systematically perform all the actions.
Spread protective wings of the diaperand that the kid did not stop moving. Each diaper has a special cuff and wings spread which eliminates the possibility of rubbing of the skin of the baby.