To determine the cause of the allergic rash you will need to see a specialist. The doctor or therapist will ask you some questions, explores the history of the disease, prescribe examination and passing special tests for the detection of angionevroticheskogo hives or swelling. You may also be recommended to carry out skin tests (this will help to know what substance there is an Allergy) and blood test (to detect diseases that could spark an allergic reaction).
If the initiating allergic factor has been successfully identified, it must be eliminated. This is, perhaps, not less difficult. Most often to relieve symptoms of Allergy specialists prescribe their patients antihistamines. However, they will operate effectively only if you take them pre-established criteria. Treatment of chronic urticaria is carried out not only with antihistamines, sometimes combined with other drugs. For example, if the patient does not achieve the desired result, it is recommended to take oral corticosteroids. In severe angionevroticheskogo edema is an injection of epinephrine (adrenaline) or a cortisone prescribed.
The appearance of any kind of allergic rash (even before going to the doctor) you can proceed as follows: apply a cold compress or wet cloth to the affected areas of the skin. Also need to dress the spacious and light clothes, to work and rest in a cool room. This, of course, not to cure the disease, but get rid of the discomfort and will help to survive the period of the rash.
By the way, not everyone knows what symptoms should see a doctor. Here are some of them: dizziness, difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue or entire face, wheezing, tightening of the chest.