One of the most versatile outfits for women, where you can be in almost any society, is, of course, suit. This can be a pantsuit, a skirt or simply a dress. Modern trends in cut suits allow you to wear them without a blouse. Accordingly, we need only add an edgy, bold jewelry, and you can safely go from work directly into corporate celebration or, for example, for a date.
So relevant in recent years, cocktail dresses as well as evening activities (restaurants, discos, etc.). But the long evening dress is reserved for special occasions.
In search of an outfit for celebrations should opt for a more modest evening dress, otherwise its owner runs the risk to look vulgar and inappropriate.
Solemn etiquette is not over, and men's suits. And requirements that apply to the outfits of men, much stricter accounting requirements for women.
For formal occasions (diplomatic receptions, international meetings, cultural events, economic or scientific symposia) there are a number of strict requirements for the cut of the costume and possible accessories.
So, costume for the celebration need to match a white shirt, black shoes and black socks. The essential attribute of the festive costume is a corner of white handkerchief peeking from his breast pocket of his jacket. Although in the summer the concept of a strict suit and related attributes a bit easier. Black suit it is possible to replace the light with shoes matching the suit. To the combined options of costumes are usually also wearing a white shirt with double cuffs and a tie to match the jacket.
Of course, for a less formal dress are not so strict. Special requirements to the choice of color shirt and suit there, it all depends on the taste preferences of men. But many remain faithful always a white shirt that is suitable for any costume and any occasion.