Advice 1: How to dress for the celebration

There are events (corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) on which you want to look elegant and appropriate. And it is very important to learn how to choose the appropriate attire tasteful.
How to dress for the celebration
One of the most versatile outfits for women, where you can be in almost any society, is, of course, suit. This can be a pantsuit, a skirt or simply a dress. Modern trends in cut suits allow you to wear them without a blouse. Accordingly, we need only add an edgy, bold jewelry, and you can safely go from work directly into corporate celebration or, for example, for a date.
So relevant in recent years, cocktail dresses as well as evening activities (restaurants, discos, etc.). But the long evening dress is reserved for special occasions.
In search of an outfit for celebrations should opt for a more modest evening dress, otherwise its owner runs the risk to look vulgar and inappropriate.
Solemn etiquette is not over, and men's suits. And requirements that apply to the outfits of men, much stricter accounting requirements for women.
For formal occasions (diplomatic receptions, international meetings, cultural events, economic or scientific symposia) there are a number of strict requirements for the cut of the costume and possible accessories.
So, costume for the celebration need to match a white shirt, black shoes and black socks. The essential attribute of the festive costume is a corner of white handkerchief peeking from his breast pocket of his jacket. Although in the summer the concept of a strict suit and related attributes a bit easier. Black suit it is possible to replace the light with shoes matching the suit. To the combined options of costumes are usually also wearing a white shirt with double cuffs and a tie to match the jacket.
Of course, for a less formal dress are not so strict. Special requirements to the choice of color shirt and suit there, it all depends on the taste preferences of men. But many remain faithful always a white shirt that is suitable for any costume and any occasion.

Advice 2 : How to sew a gorgeous dress for celebration

Presentation, anniversary, corporate celebration or wedding friends – these occasions are worthy of a new chic dress. It is possible to buy ready-made, but much more interesting to sew a dress yourself. Buy beautiful fabric, consider the idea of the dress, be patient, and you will be the most elegant guest at the occasion.
How to sew a gorgeous dress for celebration
You will need
  • - knitted fabric;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - silk fringe;
  • - silk or satin;
  • - coiled cord for belt.
Select the appropriate model. The easiest way to sew a dress out of knittion of the canvas – it does not require a perfect fit. Decide which profitable features of the exterior is worth emphasizing. If you have long legs, prefer short models, gorgeous bust accentuate the plunging neckline, slim waist, wide waistband.
Try to sew a simple, but very effective model in the style of 20-ies. Purchase black tight Jersey and black silk fringe. As patterns use Jersey with a deep neckline or a wide sleeveless top. Lay the fabric on a flat surface, the pins pin to her top, placing it at the common thread. Trace the outline of the tailor's chalk, making the seam.
Measure the length of the future dresses it must be just above the knees. Using the tape measure, measure the desired length on the fabric. Take two parts – front and back. Run side and shoulder seams – get a dress straight silhouette. Knitted fabric is highly stretchable so you can do without fasteners.
Treat neck and armholes slant Beek from the same cloth. Sew on dress fringe from the chest down. Fringe should form several layers, slightly finding each other. The last is sewn in two to three inches from the edge of the hem.
Take care of the additions to the dresses. Outfit in the style of "Charleston" can be complemented with a fur scarf, shoes and matching long earrings. Fit and a wide stole or table of a translucent or embroidered with glass beads and beading material.
The winner of the full figures can try on another version of the dress. It will hide unnecessary pomp, giving you a Regal look. Buy a piece of bright silk or satin-sangan dark color. Fold the fabric in half – its length should equal the length of the future dresses. In the middle of the bend, measure the cutout for the neck and carefully cut it with scissors.
Departing at 20 cm from the edges, stitch the side seams, leaving free sites for the armholes. At waist level drawstring and vsheyte vernice in her twisted cord or silk ribbon. Hem hem and finish the neck with piping. The dress is ready. Decorate it with a large pendant on a chain and metal bracelets in ethnic style.

Advice 3 : Cape for evening dress: tips for choosing

Usually women carefully choose a dress for special occasions, but often forget that even the most beautiful outfit will not make image harmonious and complete without well-chosen accessories. One such accessory is the perfect complement to evening dress, which allows you to not only give alongside a refined and elegant look, but also to give the image a special glamour.
Cape for evening dress

How to choose a Cape on a dress?

Cape must not only be in harmony with the evening dress, it should highlight, but in any case not overshadow its beauty. Therefore, the choice of capes should be treated with special attention. Better to try on this dress. It'll be much easier to choose the style and material.

Those who are drawn to the classic style in clothes, it is better to opt for a Cape to match the dress. This combination will be appropriate for any festive event.

People who are prone to extravagance and shocking, for sure will like the capes that are different from evening dresses texture and color. A versatile option – transparent Cape that will look luxurious with any outfit style.

For dekolirovaniya dresses light cloak of flowing fabric can be a great addition, however, as the fur boa. That the image was harmonious, the stylists suggest to leave open only one part of the body: chest, back, or legs, so the Cape will be very useful.

Накидки к вечерним платьям

The types of capes

Evening dress can be complemented by several varieties of capes, it all depends on the style of dress, the material from which it is made, and the image that wants to create its owner.

Виды накидок

Short dresses straight cut looks great Bolero – a short jacket with sleeves. Perfect when the Bolero made of the same fabric as the dress, or identical with color. Very elegant look, these jackets with Swan's down or with lace.

The stole (scarf of fur or feathers) are throwing one shoulder. This Cape make the look refined and elegant, adding a touch of luxury. Boa suitable to the dress with shoulder straps, outfits with sleeves.

Knitted wraps also enjoyed popularity among the modern fashionistas. These capes can be made in the form of a stole, scarf or shawl.

Модные накидки

Knitted capes usually are laced way of knitting, however, they can be decorated with fringe or bound on the edge of the border.

The ladies, who tend to luxury and want to attract attention, there will be the Cape-coat. This cloak resembles a short coat, but has a trapezoidal profile. Sleeves coat always extended downward. This Cape can be a win-win option in the cold season.

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