You will need
  • computer;
  • - a summary.
Email summary. The more complete and objective it is, the more likely that it will appeal to the employer. Be sure to specify your contact information, or representatives of the company will not be able to contact you to invite you for an interview. Try to accommodate all requests that apply to the organization regarding summary. If they are asked to indicate the vacancy code, do it. First, it will facilitate the work of the HR Department, and secondly, demonstrate your attentiveness and interest.
Send resume via e-mail. It's free and doesn't require much effort. Specify the address where you can contact the recruiter for the company you want to settle down. To do this, call the number on the offer the phone, introduce yourself, name the position for which you are applying. Make sure that the address is written correctly.
Go to your email and select the option "Create" or "Write a letter". In the to field, enter the address of the HR Manager below, write the subject name you are interested in jobs. Start your letter with greetings and write why you should become an employee of this company. Self summary can be sent as an attached file by clicking on the icon "Upload file" and selecting the correct document. If you do not like, then just copy the summary in a message box after accompanying words.
Please send us your CV using the website specializing in recruiting services. To do this, register one of them (or several) and choose "Create summary". As a rule, such resources are of a special form for entering information about yourself.
Type in the search box of website the name of the desired position, and view existing proposals. If any of them interest you, click on the icon "Apply" or "Submit resume". Your CV will be sent free of charge to the employer.