You will need
  • Terry Slippers with no heel
  • paper
  • pencil
  • - scissors
  • - Terry cloth or old towel
  • - decorative cord or strip of fur
  • - felt
  • - leatherette or buckram
  • - floss
  • - a big needle
Make pattern the base of your Slippers. Alternately place your feet on a sheet of paper. It is convenient to use stiff paper for the printer, but you can use regular newspaper. Circle the foot. Add 1 cm on each side of the pattern. Cut the paper workpiece.
Attach a sheet of paper to the top of your feet. Consider the depth of the slipper and the height of the leg lift. Roughly outline the pattern of the top of your slipper. Make a separate pattern for left and right feet. Put a sheet of paper on the table. Align the lines and make a seam 1.5 cm Cut out of the workpiece upper part of Slippers.
Attach the pattern to the base piece of felt. Do the soles of Slippers. If you plan to invest a Terry footbed, immediately make it a pattern from a piece of fabric. Outside connected Slippers with a piece of cloth or leatherette, which also make the pattern. Useful for podchinenija Slippers leatherette from the old bags. Hemmed sole will be less smachivaetsya.
Fold two layers of Terry cloth to the outer and inner part of the top was Terry. Transfer the pattern and cut the blank top sneakers. Manually sew decorative cord or fur trim to the edge, which will be located on top of your foot.
Fold along the sole of felt glued leatherette, plush insole, the top of the slipper, trimmed with cord. Sew stitches along the outer edge of the entire Shoe. When using thick threads, make sure that they do not shed on sneaker. Pre-wash thread, by the flowing water to be seen whether suitable they are for your needlework.
Decorate the top of the Slippers according to your wishes. It can be knitted flowers, felt flowers, feather pompons.