If you are a beginner at growing orchids, it is best to purchase an already Mature plant, feed and water which should be special, but much simplified way than very young plants.
If feeding an Orchid, do you use conventional fertilizers to feed the plants, don't forget to reduce the dose of fertilizer into 2 or even 3 times.
Fertilize the plants once in three weeks, as for orchids, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of fertilizer, better plant "not to Supplement". Generally to feed orchids frequently, but gradually. Give the plants fertilizer with every watering, breeding in the water half the dose prescribed feeding. This water water a plant is strictly by the roots, avoiding water on the leaves and flowers of plants. In dry weather (especially in summer) use a watering tray, also diluted in water half-dose of fertilizer.
Remember that feeding is only possible during the period of active growth and flowering of plants, the time of feeding the plant must be well rooted and acclimated. During flowering orchids need abundant watering, if the plant will get enough water, it shoots very weaken, lose their turgor and at all will cease to bloom. So be careful that the soil in the pot with the Orchid does not dry up.
Use for watering plants only soft water, since orchids are fairly capricious plants. In the water there should be no chemical impurities, in the case that you will use for watering tap water, it must be defended.
Do not perform the feeding of plants that are weakened by disease, infected with pests or that will change in the near future.