The plant blooms twice a year, but the Orchid can be forced to bloom for the third time. Long flowering orchids is an indication that the plant is kept in optimal conditions.

Optimal conditions for the flowering of Phalaenopsis orchids

This houseplant is excellent feel on the Windows, facing South, with shading from direct sunlight. During the day the temperature should not fluctuate by less than + 4oC - 5oC. Under the sunlight standing at the window, the plant heats up and the evening cools. Even better, if the plant is to stand on the balcony - the difference between day and night temperatures will promote lush flowering.
Orchid may stop blooming after planting: not yet planted into the new pot, the plant can "boycott".

In addition, it is important to provide the necessary temperature mode. At too high temperature (32oC - 35oC) a houseplant is actively increasing its green mass, but, unfortunately, not in bloom. Below the Orchid blossom, the temperature should be much lower: the ideal temperature is 22 - 24C.
The average duration of flowering lasts from 2 to 6 months.

The frequency of watering depends on the temperature of the contents of the plants. But the extra water is unacceptable: stagnant water can lead to rotting of the root system. And besides under excessive irrigation increases plant growth to the detriment of laying the flower buds. Water the plant follows the method of "hot shower": water temperature should be 33оС - 35oC, the maximum temperature is 50oC. This watering helps to create natural conditions that are beneficial to the growth and development of orchids (not only well increased green mass, but often flowering plant).

Important role in training Orchid to bloom plays regular fertilization in soil. If Phalaenopsis 1-2 times a month fertilized, the plant grows faster and more intense blooms, and not only increases the duration of flowering, but produce greater number of flowers. But before you feed the plant an Orchid should first be watered, or hurt the root system.

If the Orchid didn't flower

The main reason why the plant does not bloom - the lack of lighting. If the Windows face North, West or East, you need to provide the plant with additional lighting for 10-12 hours.

The impetus to re-bloom may become "cold treatment": the Phalaenopsis is placed for 3-4 weeks in a room where the temperature ranges from +15 ° to +-18 ºc. Thus reduce the intensity and frequency of irrigation.