To start caring for orchids in a pot at home better with the selection of a suitable site for the plant. He will feel comfortable on the West, northeast, North or East windowsill. On the South side need more shading. If the Orchid will fall to direct sunlight, it can burn its leaves. The most comfortable temperature for flowering is 18 to 25 degrees.
Care for the Orchid, store-bought, at room humidity of 30-40%. If excessive dryness in the room it is better to put the pot on a tray of water. Water the Orchid after its complete drying of the substrate, and the plant is not supposed to be a long time in a dry condition. This is one of the reasons why pot should be transparent. So it can be easier to determine the need for irrigation by the absence on its walls moisture and lighten the roots. When the roots of the orchids are soaked, they become a bright green color.
An important part of caring for orchids in a pot at home is getting proper watering. Need to be watered on a substrate or immersing the plant in a container of water. Leaves liquid it is better not to spray, that has not begun to rot and spotty. But once a month the Orchid must still be purged, for example, arranging watering under the shower and then dry cloth.
Don't forget to feed the Orchid in a period of growth through irrigation, for example, using fertilizer "Kemira Suite." As soon as the plant starts to bloom, it is better to put it in a cool place and time to stop watering (1-2 times a month), just sprinkling the substrate. At the optimal temperature bloom can last up to six months. After flowering do not cut the stems of the Orchid, if it hasn't dried completely. Often the peduncle becomes the basis for further growth of the plant.
Do not bury in the ground aerial roots of orchids, which are on top of the substrate. The growth it can produce a lot of such roots. However, it should be cut blackened and withered leaves and stems, it will bring only benefits. Pay attention to the quality of the substrate, which should make the bark of medium and small factions. At low humidity it is desirable to add the sphagnum moss.