One of the factors influencing the emergence of flower buds, is the length of daylight. Orchids require a long light day. From the time of laying the buds before growth of the peduncle it can take a long time. Give your orchids more light with special lamps. Use only those that do not heat the air.
Look for your favorite orchids the right place in the house. Ideal well-lit place, e.g., East window sill. You can also put a pot of Orchid shade on the West or South window. Keep in mind that orchids don't tolerate direct sunlight, which can scorch the delicate leaves of a flower.
In order for the Orchid bloomed, it is necessary to reduce watering and dry plant. This is done until until the bottom leaves of the flower will not lose its elasticity. Then the plant should be watered by immersing for 15-20 minutes in warm water.
The lack of light will also help to ensure that the orchids will begin to develop flower stalks. Orchid dry soil put in any dark place for 6-7 days, then again back to her usual window sill. After 3-4 weeks the flower stalks will appear.
For successful flowering orchids need the correct and careful care, the important role played by the temperature in the room in which it is a Phalaenopsis. Provide orchids the conditions under which the night temperature will be below + 4oC day. If the room temperature is from 25oC to 32oC, the Orchid bloom will not, and will begin to actively increase the leaves.
Don't forget to feed your Orchid. Add 1 every 3 weeks in zircon water for irrigation and the Bud or bloom in water used for spraying the leaves of the flower.
If the following simple conditions, the careful care of orchids and constant attention to flower Phalaenopsis will delight you year-round flowering.