Often the wilting orchids is evident in the yellowing and dropping of leaves. The reasons could be several.
Some varieties of orchids are very susceptible to damage caused by fungi. Unfortunately, the affected plant will have to part. Bring malicious fungus you are unlikely to succeed. The only thing you can in this case have to do is to inspect the flower. If he tries to fight for life, releasing the stem the beginnings of the roots, cut off the healthy part of it with roots and sprout from her new Orchid.
Industrial cultivation of orchids put on stream, the manufacturer profitable as quickly as possible to grow and sell flower, so it will make maximum use of fertilizer and feed. Orchid goes on sale, and is literally Packed with them, which sooner or later leads to tragic consequences, does not help even transplanted to a new land. But to save the plant is still possible. Put the pot with him in a warm, bright place, water it every 2 weeks, diluted with nitrogen fertilizer, stimulating the growth of leaves, but cut all formed of the ovary, below the Orchid accumulating power, not wasting them on flowering. Treatment should continue for 2-3 years, after which you can allow the Orchid to bloom.
The lack of light and too dense the soil in the pot also can cause wilting of the plant. Therefore always be careful, that flower was the perfect conditions for him.
It may happen that the Orchid will be affected aphids. Carefully inspect the leaves, and in case of detection of parasites wipe each leaf with two sides damp handkerchief. For prevention, spray the plant with a special preparation against pests.