You will need
  • - an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid;
  • - 10% liniment of syntomycin;
  • - tar soap;
  • - propolis tincture;
  • pills "Trykhopol".
To squeeze the pimple without complications, you need to press only the ripe pimples with a white head and not causing pain when you touch them. Before the procedure, the face and hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water, the area of the pimple to handle alcohol. After squeezing the area of the pimple again to be treated with alcohol to eliminate the infection of the wound.
In addition to extruding, to quickly remove pimples will help an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid in 1-2% concentration. It is applied to pimples twice a day and the pimples are dried for two or three days. Similarly, the action has resorcinol.
If the acne is very inflamed, and deep under the skin is pus, it is better not to squeeze. There is a risk of infection, and after improper removal of such pimple may remain a scar. For the treatment of acne there are tested by means of 10% liniment of syntomycin. If you spread it over the pimple for the night, the inflammation will disappear on the second or third day.
Small pimples go away on 2-3rd day after treating them with lye soap. A mixture of tincture of propolis, "Trichopolum" and salicylic alcohol is also good for this purpose. To prepare salicylic alcohol and propolis tincture mixed in equal quantities and add one tablet "Trichopolum", pre-powdered. The resulting solution wipe the pimples overnight. If acne is very much possible to clean the face and in the evening. Try to apply the gel only on the pimples because it dries the skin badly.
For prevention of new acne must follow certain rules of hygiene. Wash at least twice a day, do not overdo the chocolate, coffee, black tea, spicy seasonings and mayonnaise. Eat more vegetables and fruits, dairy products. From side dishes is preferable to porridges. Facial skin requires daily cleansing, hydration and nutrition. If you take care of them, pimples will not frequent "guests" on your face.