You will need
  • grass chamomile and calendula;
  • the potato and aloe Vera;
  • - 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - chloramphenicol or streptocide.
The appearance of acne can be caused by different reasons: hormonal surges, errors in the diet or care. Therefore, you should carefully approach the selection of cosmetic products and, in addition, to monitor their diet.
For the rapid elimination of acne spend a hungry day. Please refrain for a day from food. Indulge only in the liquid. Drink water, freshly prepared juices or fruit drinks, and at night the buttermilk.
Take steam bath for the face. It cleans the skin, prevents the appearance of new lesions. And that vapor is bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, add water, calendula and chamomile.
After the bath for the face, make anti-inflammatory mask from pulp or slice of raw potato. Apply it 10 minutes every hour. And in the evening, apply a piece of aloe leaf pulp to the pimple.
If the pimple is ripe, it is necessary to open and clean away the pus. To do this, soak a cotton swab in 3% hydrogen peroxide and clean the wound. Apply a powder of crushed tablets chloramphenicol or soap. Leave overnight. Again in the morning apply to the pimple slice fresh potatoes. Repeat this procedure every day. They will help to get rid of pimple fast enough.
To resolve the trace of the pimple, continue to do anti-inflammatory mask from potato and aloe Vera and, in addition, within 10 days apply to the reddened area of the skin heated medical paraffin (up to 55oC with) or roll on the same spot with a hot egg. Increased blood circulation will remove the inflammation and restore the skin color.
While a zit will not disappear entirely, make it less noticeable with the headlight. But to conceal redness, apply the pimple is white at first with a pencil and then a corrective tool or a Foundation.